Rock in The Wine Valley

от Нощни птици

Rock In The Wine Valley – the invitation is extended again this year by Midalidare Rock In The Wine Valley 2023 in the village of Mogilovo, Chirpan. This year’s edition will take place between June 30 and July 2 with Scorpions as the headliner on the first day, Europe on the second and Helloween on the third.

Among the native musicians who are part of the event are Stefan Valdobrev and The Usual Suspects, who promise to perform well-known and become favorites of several generations hit songs.

„Last year I had the honor of presenting my book during the festival. I was impressed by the atmosphere, the scale and organization, and the spirit that was floating around. Now we come together with the whole group and it’s a real event for me. These are the native places, the magical and beautiful landscapes of my childhood. The fact that stars of this stature are playing here is somehow surreal. And very inspiring. Getting ready for a sleepless first of July night and a great July morning. There will be less sleeping at the festival this year,“ says Valdobrev.

And on the first festival day before Scorpions, Sweden’s Dynazty and Germany’s Iron Savior take the stage. They will be coming to Bulgaria for the first time to open Midalidare Rock In The Wine Valley 2023.

Dynazty was founded in 2007 in Stockholm and has eight studio albums to date. Their international breakthrough came with their second record „Knock You Down“, which with its release in 2011 positioned them on the global rock scene.

„Sultans of Sin“ followed in 2012, cementing the band’s good direction. The band relies on melodic power metal compositions with an added symphonic element. The vocal abilities and stage presence of their vocalist Nils Molin have been noticed by fellow countrymen Amaranthe, who made him an official member of the band in 2017, organizers note.

Iron Savior are from Hamburg. The band was founded in 1996 as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Piet Sielck. He was then joined by Kai Hansen of Helloween and then Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch. Critics immediately compared their sound to bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. They have 12 studio albums, two EPs and one official live release. Over the years, the band has undergone many changes, with Piet Sielck being the only member of the original line-up to date. The German power metal outfit’s most popular song is 2011’s „Heavy Metal Never Dies“, which has over 14 million listens.

Festival guests can choose tents between several areas – the Winery, the Fountain, the Dam, the Campers and Caravans and the Winery.

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