Оn international dance day watch Ballet Arabesque and their „Romeo and Juliet“

от Нощни птици

On 21 April at 7 p.m. on the stage of the Musical Theatre

Music Sergei Prokofiev
set design – Ivan Tokadzhiev,
costumes – Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova

The tragic story of the fate of the two lovers from Verona, ingeniously recreated 420 years ago in William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, has become a symbol of the first great and unattainable love. The Romeo and Juliet enigma comes to life with the same force in Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet music.

Arabesque Ballet’s production of Romeo and Juliet is a modern dance interpretation of the play, in which the authorial team, led by choreographer Boryana Sechanova, reflects on Shakespeare’s ideas of time and space, truth, knowledge, love, and man’s place in creation.

The show poses the question of good bringing evil and the cost of inappropriate advice. How do we treat the responsibility for our actions today. Has anything changed in human consciousness and behavior today? Can we make sense of and realize the patterns and generic features of the modern age. Where does love remain nowadays?

Is it a temporary psychosis bringing devastation to self and others, a logical extension of the unconscious premise „my soul is in the hands of another“ or a great naivety?

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