Lawyer: Sons of Alain Delon want to kill him

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As the French film star’s children wage a fratricidal war and attack each other on social networks, through the media and through complaints, Alain Delon’s lawyer has asked the prosecutor’s office to provide legal protection for the actor, TV channel BFM and Franceinfo reported. All his children are fighting each other because of the inheritance.

According to lawyer Christophe Ayela, who is concerned about the actor’s health, but above all about his discontinued medical treatment, the lawsuit has been filed in the interests of Delon himself, whose life is in danger. In the letter sent to Montargis prosecutor Jean-Cédric Gault, Ayela, who says she is Alain Delon’s lawyer – a claim disputed by some family members – asks that the actor’s chief doctor, a Swiss specialist who is treating him for his serious illness, be allowed to visit him at his French residence, where he is currently staying.

The lawyer wishes this visit to take place as a matter of urgency, in order to draw up a medical report, decide what action should be taken in respect of his condition and obtain his consent.

According to lawyer Ayela, the star’s sons, Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon, oppose the visit, saying it risks causing their father’s untimely death.

„Anthony Delon has decided to treat his father’s illness with fruit and vegetable juices prescribed by a naturopath,“ the suit states. For her part, Anushka Delon, also represented by Ayela, opposes the suspension of her father’s conventional care and treatment.

The lawsuit comes after the conflict between the 88-year-old actor’s children intensified amid disputes over his inheritance. His youngest son Alain-Fabien has filed a complaint against his sister Anoushka Delon, accusing her of „abusing the weakness“ of his father and misleading him.

Alain Delon’s fortune is estimated at over 200 million euros. The actor owns an estate on the Loire River and a large collection of paintings. Delon announced the end of his film career in 2017. The actor, who suffered a stroke in the summer of 2019, has starred in over 90 films. Among his best-known roles are in Rocco and His Brothers, Cheetah, and Tehran 43.

So a doctor will eventually assess Alain Delon’s state of health after the 88-year-old French actor’s lawyers on the one hand and his son Anthony on the other requested that he be placed under judicial protection, AFP reported, citing French authorities.

„The prosecutor’s office in Montargis has asked a qualified doctor to assess Alain Delon’s condition,“ the prosecutor’s office in the town in central France, near where the actor lives, said in a statement.

„The prosecutor confirms that on 10 January 2024 he received two separate emails from the lawyers of Anthony and Alain Delon stating that the actor urgently needs to be placed under judicial protection for health reasons,“ the statement said. It added that the procedure would not be the subject of „further communication“.

Earlier, Laurence Bedossa, posing as Alain Delon’s lawyer, said in a press release that she had „requested by e-mail from the Montargis prosecutor to start the procedure to place Delon under judicial protection“.

„This is very satisfying for us and for our client. We hope that the expert assessment will be carried out by a specialist so that we can finally resume the care that Alain Delon needs,“ Christophe Ayela, Alain Delon’s lawyer, told AFP.

He told Figaro that he was no longer defending the interests of the actor’s daughter, Anoushka, „in order to calm discussions“.

As reported, the scandals in the Delon family first became known in early January from an interview with „Money Match“ of the French film icon’s 59-year-old son, Anthony Delon. A week later, a conversation with the youngest son, 29-year-old Alain-Fabian, appeared in the same magazine. The two believe their father was being manipulated by their sister, 33-year-old Anoushka, who allegedly hid Delon’s medical condition from them.

She wanted to move him from France to Switzerland to avoid paying too much inheritance tax, Anthony claims.

For her part, Anoushka accuses her brothers of endangering the actor’s life and explains that she wants to take their father to Switzerland so that he can continue his treatment there. The daughter is of the opinion that Alain Delon’s medical care in France is woefully inadequate, and that the Swiss doctors should be allowed to re-examine him and resume his treatment, otherwise there is a risk to his life.

In legal terms, Alain-Fabian filed a complaint against Anoucshka on 22 December for „abuse of weakness“ to the detriment of their father, AFP recalls. For his part, Anthony announced to Parimatch that he had filed a complaint against her, accusing her of not informing him of their father’s failure to pass „five cognitive tests“ between 2019 and 2022.

Retired from the spotlight, Alain Delon has made only a few public appearances in recent years. He attended the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo in September 2021.

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