„The Girl and Death“ is the new premiere of Arabesque Ballet

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The premiere is on March 31, the next performance – on April 2.

The creators say that Franz Schubert’s „The Girl and Death“ in the original modern fantasy interpretation by Israeli choreographer Miriam Engel presents the archetype of the maiden. „From the decay of body and matter, from the fall to the loss of innocence and decay, from the degradation of values and truths to the death of human hope, from all this apocalypse, the maiden climbs the ruins to the chaotic universe of transformation. Hanging by a thread from her mortality, she sows the seed of a new world“.

Choreographer Miriam Engel’s work with Arabesque Ballet began in late 2019, just before the pandemic, the company added.

The piece features original music by Igal Mirtenbaum, who also wrote the arrangement. The costume designer and set designer is Elitsa Georgieva.

Miriam Engel was born in 1983 in Jerusalem. She is the granddaughter of Dora Mushanova. Awarded the Charette, the American-Israeli Cultural Foundation’s award for professional dancers, Engel has performed and created for 20 years in Israel and at international festivals around the world as a guest artist. She has choreographed, performed, lectured and taught her repertoire and technique throughout the United States, the Far East, Europe and Africa.

In 2011 she founded Angela Dance Co. Jerusalem, an artistic organization producing original contemporary dance repertoire and international projects. In 2022, Angela established „JISDF“ – the Jerusalem International Solo Contemporary Dance Festival and International Program – a residency for choreographers from Israel and around the world to create solo works.

Elitsa Georgieva was an artist at the Sava Ognyanov Drama Theatre in Ruse from 2009 to 2015, and since 2016 has worked at the Nikolai Binev Youth Theatre in Sofia. She has designed sets and costumes in Bulgarian and international projects, for some of which she has received awards. She has worked with directors Krikor Azaryan, Boil Banov, Stoyan Radev, Boyan Ivanov, Galin Stoev, Stiliyan Petrov and others.

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