The world famous Bulgarian „packing“ artist Christo has an exhibit

от Искра Ангелова

A new donation to the exhibition on Hristo Yavashev-Christo completes the collection at Square 500. The temporary exhibition „Christo – Art and Colours“ is arranged in Hall 27 until 7 April, the National Gallery reports.

„In 2012, the exhibition will be presented at the gallery. Vladimir Chimov and his wife donated to the then National Gallery of Foreign Art works by Christo Yavashev-Christo (1935 – 2020) from his student years at the National Academy of Art. These works have been exhibited in Hall 27 of Square 500 since its opening. Nearly 10 years later, Chimov is making a new donation, prompted by a personal interpretation of projects that outline Christo’s international artistic success,“ the gallery team says. They add that in a chamber temporary exhibition in the hall, Vladimir Chimov presents his thesis in relation to the works „In the Market“ and „Man’s Head“.

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