Tango party awaits you

от Нощни птици

We invite you to the second edition of a friendly, cozy marathon in our beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria on 21-23 April 2023.

All the info is available on our website: www.sofiatangoparty.eu

Registration form link:


What we offer:


– Venue in the heart of the city with super convenient location, close to main pedestrian street, bars, restaurants and many airbnbs;
– Great music and wooden floor for lots of dancing;

Food and drinks included

– Afternoon salty and sweet baked delicacies, bakery snacks, dinner appetizers, meat and cheeses, pizza night, fruits, sweets and other usual snacks;
– Water, soft drinks, wine;

Price: 100 eur /all inclusive + warm up milonga/

Our mood makers for this edition :

Thursday, 20.04.2023:

20:00-02:00 – Yannis Dafnis /Greece/

Friday, 21.04.2023:

19:00-00:00 – Mata Dzhoreva /Bulgaria/

00:00-05:00 – Iv Manos /Greece/

Saturday, 22.04.2023

15:00-21:00 – Stefano Lopes /Italy/

22:30-04:30 – Ahu Turkpence /Turkey/

Sunday, 23.04.2023:

15:00-21:00 – Vladislav Petrov /Bulgaria/

22:00-04:00 – Alexia Mourtidou /Greece/

Get ready to party with us in the beautiful city of Sofia

Tango party

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