The most famous opera by Mozart „Don Giovanni“ at National Palace of culture

от Нощни птици

Don Giovanni has been called a „great opera“ because Mozart’s genius brilliantly combines light comedy with the terrible tragedy that brings Don Giovanni to a tragic end. The finale is intended as a lesson for anyone who causes grief and suffering to another. „Don Giovanni, called by Mozart himself a „dramma jocosa“ („joyful drama“), is undoubtedly one of the high points of the composer’s oeuvre, vividly combining the features of dramatic and comic opera.

The whole work is a strong psychological drama, despite the „comedy line“ in it.
The overture to Don Giovanni is one of Mozart’s most significant overtures, and also one of his most frequently performed orchestral works, the Konstantin Kisimov Musical and Dramatic Theatre’s production team noted.

Director Petko Bonev makes a contemporary interpretation of the story of the great lover with rich scenography and 3D mapping, combining Mozart’s music with the brilliant voices of soloists Nikola Ivanov (Don Giovanni), Teodora Petrova (Donna Anna) and Plamen Kumpikov (Don Giovanni’s servant Leporello).

„Our production is classically designed, but uses contemporary techniques, which enables us to immerse the listeners and viewers in the story without the technical interruptions that are a drawback in opera and theatre,“ says conductor Georgi Patrikov. The libretto is by Lorenzo da Ponte.

The 3D mapping for the performance was prepared by Laura Runewska. The Don Giovanni production team also includes Asya Stoimenova, who worked on the stage design and costumes, concertmaster Maria Pavlova, choreographer Katya Bogdanova and choirmaster Yanitsa Parvanova.

The opera is performed in the original Italian with Bulgarian subtitles.

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