180° Festival – Innovative Art Lab

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For the tenth consecutive year, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria is happy to support the 180° Festival – Innovative Art Lab, which brings together connoisseurs and enthusiasts of experimental and interdisciplinary art. The program of the jubilee edition will unfold in various locations around Sofia between 21 and 28 July and will once again involve us in the open field of music, visual arts, dance, theatre and performance.

Traditionally, StudentLab° will take place at the Goethe-Institut on Thursday, July 27, at 7:30 pm. The event gives art students from Germany and Bulgaria the opportunity to meet during the festival to collaborate and create an art experiment in the building on ul. „1. They will present the results of their collaborative work inspired by this year’s festival theme – 42.

Shortly before that, on the same day, at 17:00, the discussion „Building lasting artistic international partnerships – mission (im)possible“ will take place in the library of the Goethe-Institut. Read more about the participants and the program in the attachment or on the website of our long-time partners 180°.

Some of the participants in the tenth edition are:
Ensemble Modern (Germany)
Ivar Roban Krizic (Croatia) – double bass
Pablo Gareton (Chile/Germany) – composer
Nina DeLudemann (Germany) – set designer
Sara Bisocca (Italy) – dance
Mikhail Mikhailov (Bulgaria) – visual arts
Kamelia Tavityan (Bulgaria) – director

The international artists will gather in the capital and work together for a week to test their innovative ideas against the current theme of the festival. This is also the theme of the annual

Check out the full program of the 180° anniversary edition HERE.

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