Punk legends The Exploited live in Sofia

от Нощни птици

Punk legends The Exploited are coming to Sofia again, and the reason for their visit is the celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Wrong Bar.

The birthday party will be on May 8th at the outdoor Arena Sofia (Kolodruma in Borisova Gradina). Other bands like Van Cock, Fly The Flag and Piranha will take the stage with the Scottish emblem.

The organisers assure that The Exploited’s frontman Wattie Buchan is now well after suffering a heart attack on stage a few years ago.

The health problems proved to be no reason for The Exploited not to play live. They haven’t released a studio album since 2003’s Fuck the System, but they’ve amassed enough material to garner a loyal fan base.

Their songs boldly berate the system that oppresses the common man. Their music is influenced by 70’s rock, especially the Sex Pistols, and in the 80’s they released their debut EP Army Life.

The punk band attracted fans with their first album, Punk’s Not Dead. It left its mark with the following Troops of Tomorrow, Let’s Start a War…Said Maggie One Day , Horror Epics, Death Before Dishonour, The Massacre , Beat The Bastards.

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